What NonWoven Technology?

NonWovens mostly "miracle fabric" or "textile third size" is called. NonWoven fabric, fabric or it is very different from knitted fabric. Why tulle surface formation, it is carried out with heating.

As a special area outside of the traditional textile industry NonWovens described , the global market with this feature It is one of the primary production segment. Non-wovens or NonWovens known as nonwovens are used today in many areas , including automotive.

Woven and NonWoven textiles and nonwovens can summarize as , with advanced technology with the operation being performed , without natural or synthetic fibers woven in a flat network or a combination of the it consists of connecting.

NonWoven Today

The extensive use of NonWoven technology in today's modern everyday life it offers effective solutions to our problems.NonWovens our life easier today building, home, in fields ranging from automotive to health sector it is used.

Why Is It Different NonWoven Carpet Luggage Pool?

Known luggage trunk pool is produced with different raw materials from the pool as well as flameproof whereby the antibacterial and indispensable to the structure of the automotive industry can put itself between. Carpet surface to the bottom of laminated polyethylene material Thanks to our sound and vibration in the car for a perfect product insulation will not only be providing also the trunk of your car It will protect against the leakage of fluid. Also carpet pool of luggage retentive material and products through internal set of material you place on your luggage shifting to a minimum level , so that your security will be provided inside the trunk.

Luggage trunk of your car pools manufactured according to the model of your vehicle is when placed in the portion it covers the entire surface. OEM of Standards trunk carpet is made ​​of tempered pools also flammable odor it is not.

The lower surface of the carpet luggage pool with first-class polyethylene sound insulation next to the tiger is due to liquid repellent it is engaged in the task.

The material thickness to 3.5 mm; that on the side surface of the barrier and a height of 3 cm. Thus, fluid can damage your luggage , dust and so on. The damage to the car 's original carpet material is prevented.

Today, the car trunk is covered with high quality materials. Carpet luggage our pool is made ​​from the same high quality material and thus inside the boot it can maintain without changing the visual appearance. Carpet upper part of the pool be the minimum the possibility of slippage of materials placed on the pool it reduces levels.