Jaguar XE Luggage Pool(Post 2017)

Ürün Kodu: JG001

Product Features

  • When placed in the trunk of your car trunk pools are produced according to the model covers the entire surface of your vehicle.
  • OEM is non-flammable carpet luggage doped pools also does not smell produced in the Standards.
  • Carpet luggage sound insulation next to the pool because of the lower surface of the liquid repellent material is coated with polyethylene prime task is to do as well.
  • Our luggage pool with water cannons can be deleted easily washable , stain-resistant , color fade and do not shed hairs are made of a special carpet.
  • The material thickness to 3.5 mm; The height of the barrier in the side surface is 3 cm. Thus, fluid can damage your luggage , dust and so on. The damage to the car 's original carpet material is prevented.

Why the carpet luggage pool?

  • Today, the car trunk is covered with high quality materials.
  • Our trunk carpet is made from the same pool of high quality material protects the luggage compartment and can be without changing the visual appearance.
  • That carpet the top of the pool, thereby reducing the possibility of sliding materials placed on the pool to a minimum.